How to Create the Garage Workshop of Your Dreams

Hand Tools

A weekend and a few hundred bucks can unleash your inner craftsman Garages often harbor a not-so-secret second life: heroic home workshop. They’re well-suited to the task, with a tolerance for the noise and dust of do-it-yourself projects. But if a garage workshop isn’t comfortable and convenient to use, you’ll avoid projects rather than enjoy them.
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Glossary of Windows & Doors Terms

PVC windows in living room

New to “window and door talk”? Below are diagrams of popular window and door styles with different parts highlighted. Other types of windows and doors might have slightly different components. Double Hung Windows Head – The main horizontal member which forms the top of the window frame. Grids – Exterior and interior grid options are
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Protection in Contract Language – Rising Materials Costs

In today’s economy, there are a number of issues that contractors must take into account when bidding for a job. This article, published in, is the first in a three part series that deals with several of these issues and provides guidance for contractors in drafting contract language to protect themselves. Read full article
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Welcome to our blog

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We recently launched our newly designed website and now we’re very excited to launch our new blog! Our new website has so much to offer. If you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, browse our selection of faucets, sinks, tubs, and cabinets; if you’re planning on updating your house with new doors or windows,
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