Our on-site milling facilities in Berkeley and Concord will ensure you get what you want in your lumber order, as quickly as possible. Please see below for all our milling options.

Service offered



Dog Ear – Dog ears are a great way to spruce up any fence.
Decorative Corbel Cuts – We have 10 stock corbel patterns but can also provide custom cuts for customers with their own designs.
Precision cross-cuts and rip-cuts – Need custom cuts on plywood or lumber? We can cross-cut lumber up to 6″ thick and rip lumber up to 20′ long.
Planing – We plane lumber up to 18″ in width to your desired thickness.
Dados, Rabbets, Grooves – We can perform specialty type cuts on lumber and plywood.
Resaw Lumber – Rip a piece of wood to produce two or more pieces with the same length and width as the original.
Circular Cuts – We are able to cut a piece of plywood into a circle, up to 36″ in diameter.
Screen Blocks – Custom cut attic venting blocks.