Hello Everyone,

We are so disappointed to not be spending Labor Day with you all and your friends and families, so we wanted to make sure we wish you a very happy Labor Day, no matter what you are choosing to do with your paid day off! 

Historically, Labor Day was created to celebrate the contributions of workers. Ashby Lumber has always chosen to spend the day doing just that. Celebrating each and every one of you and as our way of saying THANK YOU for everything that you do for Ashby. 

Please keep your eye out for a special text with a fun surprise on Monday!!
We also wanted to take this opportunity to honor the employees who have hit significant yearly milestones. Ashby Lumber honors these milestones by paying each employee $100 for every year worked at Ashby Lumber! They will be receiving this money on their next paycheck. 

5 Years
Cesar Garcia
Russ Jennings
Luis Martinez
Victor Mejia 
Peter Ziss

15 Years
Jose Alonso Gomez

20 Years
Antonio Saldana 
Paul Heiser 

25 Years
Carlos Canales 

30 Years
Alfredo Gomez 
(Dan Easley and Tony Singh) 

Have a wonderful 3 day weekend and please stay safe!

The Ashby Management Team