Dear Ashby Team,

As you may have already heard, earlier today we laid off a group of Ashby employees. This was an incredibly tough decision as we recognize the impact to our coworkers and friends, but in light of the current COVID-19 situation and its impact on our economy and our industry, we felt there was no other choice at this time. We appreciate all of their contributions and will miss them. In an effort to ensure their safety, Ashby will be providing extended health coverage to these individuals. All of the employees impacted have been informed, and today was their last day.

We are incredibly lucky to remain open for business, but as you may have noticed, our customer count has been slowly decreasing. Starting this weekend, we will be closing the Door and Window Showrooms on Saturdays and the entire Berkeley store on Sundays. As time goes on, we may be forced to make additional decisions, but for now we feel these changes should be sufficient to get us through this crisis.

I know that this is a difficult and scary time all around. I hope that coming to Ashby each day can provide you with a sense of strength and purpose. We truly appreciate all of the dedication and hard work that each of you put into making Ashby Lumber a great place to shop as well as a great community to work in. It’s as important now as ever that we offer our customers the best possible customer service to get through this crisis together. We are depending on your commitment to meet the challenges ahead. The choices today make Ashby stronger and better positioned for the future.

If you have any immediate questions, you can always feel free to talk with your Supervisor, GM, or me.