Happy Wednesday Everyone. 

I just want to take the opportunity to express again how grateful I am feeling that we are an ‘essential business’. Through many of the business networks that we are involved in, I continue to hear story after story about businesses closing their doors, having no income, and having absolutely no idea what is to come. So while we still don’t know what the future will hold, we know it’s not nearly as bad as what others are going through during this time.

With that said, we have a few business matters today. 

1. We are beginning to run short on cleaning supplies and would appreciate your help! We will buy hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes from you. Please bring the receipt and we will reimburse the cost plus $10 per item, until we have enough stock.  

2. We’ve had several inquires about taking PTO. Right now is actually an excellent time to take time off, and in fact we would like to encourage it. This could also include leaving early if the store is slow on any particular day. The time must be approved by your Supervisor, but if you are interested please see them to coordinate. 

3. We know there is a lot of discussion in the news about new laws being passed and how that affects businesses and employees. We are doing our best to digest everything that is happening and will pass along any information we have as soon as it is available.

4. We were asked if you all need a letter from us as proof that you work at an essential business. We looked into the inquiry and were told that you should not be stopped or asked if you work at an essential business. If for some reason you are, please call James or Brian immediately. 

Stay safe and keep up the great work.