Hi Everyone, 

As a follow up to the message sent out yesterday, we will be reducing our store hours, starting next Monday, April 20th. We appreciate your flexibility in schedule changes and like everything else right now, we hope this is very temporary. Please see your Supervisor if you have any questions. 

Berkeley: Monday – Saturday: 7am – 4pm
Concord: Monday – Saturday: 6am – 3pm

We’d like to thank everyone for continuing to follow the social distancing protocols. We have received another shipment of surgical masks and would like to offer a few additional masks to anyone who may need them. We have also placed an order for washable cloth masks and will be providing those as soon as they arrive. Please see James or Brian if you’re in need of new surgical masks. 

We have also received a shipment of hand sanitizer. We’d like to offer everyone the option to buy 1 bottle before we put them out to sell to our customers. We will be adding them to stock on Friday, so please see James or Brian if you’re interested.

Lastly, we have added a new delivery option. For local deliveries under $500, we will now be charging only $25 for delivery to the following zip codes. We are adding this option in hopes of gaining more sales from nearby customers who do not want to come to the store. Please let us know if you have any feedback on this new addition.  

Berkeley area:

Concord area:

The Management Team