Reminder! New store hours begin this coming Monday, April 20th. Please see your Supervisor for any scheduling questions. 

Berkeley: Monday – Saturday: 7am – 4pm
Concord: Monday – Saturday: 6am – 3pm  

We were just made aware that the local health departments will be requiring all essential workers to wear masks starting next Wednesday, April 22nd. We ask that you please follow this guidance and wear a mask at all times while at the Ashby Lumber facilities. James and Brian both have surgical masks if you need them. 

In terms of the state of the company, we’d like to continue to reiterate that customer service matters now more than ever! We have seen an increase in homeowner and DIY business since construction has come to a halt. Let’s make every effort to impress these customers and keep them coming back! Remind your friends and acquaintances that we’re still open and to support local businesses over box stores like Home Depot. 

Every sale counts right now. Every sale brings us one step closer to bringing furloughed employees back, one step closer to bringing back employee perks, one step closer to keeping the stores open longer, and one step closer to easing some of the pain that this has brought into all of our lives. 

Please take a moment to review the Ashby Way, and remember why we’re here. We are a community, we support each other and our customers, and we provide best in class service. 

Hope you all have a great weekend. 

The Management Team