Hi Everyone,

You should have received this message in your employee box but we are also communicating via text to make sure everyone receives this message. 


I wanted to follow up on a previous message that I sent out regarding diversity and inclusion at Ashby Lumber. I have come to learn that there are many differing viewpoints on Black Lives Matter, social justice, and the best way to fix these issues in our society. That is the beautiful thing about our culture. We live in a place where we can share differing viewpoints. However, what is not ok is if that content is harmful or hurtful to anyone hearing it. Communication and perception are key to building a respectful community.

We continue to be proud of our diverse workforce but also realize that creating a workplace culture where everyone feels included and respected is a challenge we must always be working to improve. We will always need to continue to work together to try to understand each other and learn how we can grow better together.

So, what is Ashby going to do? We have hired a trainer who will be leading us all through a one-hour training session on diversity, inclusion, and harassment. This training is mandatory and we hope that everyone will listen, participate, and most importantly learn and grow from the material discussed. 

For your safety, the training sessions will be held after the stores have closed, the chairs will be 6ft apart, and everyone will be required to wear masks. Please note that the sessions begin this Wednesday and Thursday, so please check which training you have been assigned and plan accordingly. We have assigned everyone a session based on your department. If you have a conflict and need to change sessions, please let your Supervisor know asap.

Our Management Team is always here if you have any questions.