Hi Everyone,

We have been holding off on making a decision about the Annual Dinner and Labor Day Picnic in hope that we might be able to make something work but unfortunately, we have decided to cancel the Company Dinner and Labor Day Picnic this year. 

Having to cancel the Labor Day Picnic is a total heartbreaker! It is a company and family tradition and we’ve been trying to find creative ways to make it work, but ultimately decided that your safety and the safety of your families are top priority. Both stores will be closed on Labor Day and everyone will still get paid for the day.

In lieu of both of these events, and to thank you all for working through the turbulent times of Covid-19, we will be giving everyone a $250 bonus! You will receive the bonus in your paycheck this week. Ashby is paying the taxes, so it will show as $398. (Employees hired after 6/1 are not eligible to receive this bonus)

We want to thank you again for stepping up and going above and beyond during this unprecedented crisis. It is very important to us that this is a great place to work. Hopefully we can all get together next year!! 

The Management Team