With over 50 years in the industry, Ashby Lumber understands that prompt and accurate delivery service is paramount to a smooth operation. Whether it is framing material, decking, plumbing or doors and windows, we have the capability of delivering your order safely and on time. Our delivery fleet features over 18 vehicles, including flatbeds for large lumber orders, pick-up trucks for smaller loads, box vans to keep fragile items safe, and truck-mounted forklifts. We’ll deliver anywhere in the Bay Area and neighboring counties. Some restrictions may apply. Let us work for you.

Delivery Hours:
Monday-Friday: 6am – 5pm
Saturday: 6am – 4pm

Call Ashby Lumber to schedule your next delivery.

Delivery Pricing

Regular Truck Delivery:
Sale of less than $500 $100
Sale of $500 to $1,000 $75
Sale of more than $1,000 $50
Box Van Delivery (flat fee) $75
Forklift Delivery (flat fee) $85

*Additional $25 delivery add per hour.  

Please Note: Deliveries are curbside only.


Lumber Delivery Policy

Orders must be paid in full (or applied to an Ashby Lumber charge account in good standing) before the delivery request is submitted. Orders not paid in full will not be scheduled for delivery. 

Cash on Delivery (COD) orders must be paid by check or cash (no credit cards) within 30 minutes upon arrival of delivery site. If payment is not delivered after 30 minutes after arrival, drivers will leave the site without unloading and the customer will be charged a second delivery fee for the next available delivery schedule. 

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