Our on-site milling facilities in Berkeley and Concord offer a wide variety of custom services. We can mill custom designs to your specs from templates or samples. Lead times may vary; see your salesperson for details.

Services Offered
Dog Ear – Dog ears are a great way to spruce up any fence.
Decorative Corbel Cuts – We have 10 stock corbel patterns but can also provide custom cuts for customers with their own designs.
Precision Cross-Cuts and Rip-Cuts – Need custom cuts on plywood or lumber? We can cross-cut lumber up to 6″ thick and rip lumber up to 20′ long.
Planing – We plane lumber up to 12″ in width to your desired thickness.
Dados, Rabbets, Grooves – We can perform specialty type cuts on lumber and plywood.
Resaw Lumber – Rip a piece of wood to produce two or more pieces with the same length and width as the original.
Circular Cuts – We are able to cut a piece of plywood into a circle, up to 36″ in diameter.
Screen Blocks – Custom cut attic venting blocks.
Custom House Numbers & Letters – Express your own style with customized numbers and letters for your home or vacation property.
ADA Handrails – Custom handrails designed to meet the railing specifications for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

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