PrintAshby Lumber provides milling services on most types of dimensional lumber and sheet goods. Our saws are capable of matching requested dimensions to within an 1/8″ accuracy on all cross-cuts and rips.

Most cross-cut and rips are completed at the time of purchase, however some orders may require more time to complete. Please call our sales team for questions regarding milling orders.

**Note: due to safety concerns, we are unable to provide cuts on some materials; please refer to the table below for more information.

Milling Policy Summary
  • No rips on pressure treated lumber, cross-cuts only.
  • No cuts on railroad ties.
  • No cuts on sheetrock or lattice panels.
  • No cuts on any painted or sealed material.
  • No restyle of cut doors. Doors must have all hardware removed for trimming. Customer accepts full liability for any damage that may occur to the door during milling.
  • Mill Manager reserves the right to decline any product deemed unsafe for cutting or not from our inventory.

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